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Common Issues in Enterprises

Manual Review of Documents and Contracts

Enterprises face a challenge when it comes to reviewing and managing a vast number of documents and contracts manually. This process is time-consuming, error-prone, and lacks efficiency, leading to increased operational costs and potential legal risks.

Ensuring Legal Compliance and Risk Management

Enterprises often struggle with ensuring legal compliance across a multitude of contracts and documents. They also struggle with storing and searching for completed contracts in a single, secure location. Missing critical clauses or failing to meet regulatory requirements can lead to costly legal disputes and financial repercussions.

Lack of Collaboration and Workflows

Enterprises need seamless collaboration among teams, especially for document creation, approvals, and workflow management. Traditional methods often result in inefficiencies, delays, and miscommunication.

Solution to Manual Document Review and Contract Management

  • Quoqo's Contract Management (QCM) and Quoqo NDA (QNDA) employ advanced AI and machine learning to automate document review.
  • They streamline contract creation, version control, and collaboration, significantly reducing manual effort.
  • Advanced search and analytics capabilities ensure quick access to critical information.

Solution to Ensuring Legal Compliance and Risk Management

  • Quoqo's products integrate AI-driven contract review, ensuring that legal and compliance obligations are met.
  • They provide risk-weighted reports and flag potential issues, allowing enterprises to proactively mitigate risks.
  • Automated compliance tracking and historical tracking further strengthen risk management.
  • With Quoqo Legacy, never miss a critical document or a deadline.

Solution to Lack of Efficient Collaboration and Workflow Management

  • Quoqo's products such as QSign, offer tools for efficient collaboration.
  • They enable the creation of advanced workflows, approval processes, notifications and e-signature and digital signature suites.
  • Integration with popular office software, such as Office 365 enhances teamwork and workflow management.
  • Quoqo M&A even enables AI equipped tasks that are relevant in transactional work, so that you are equipped with answers in seconds to even the most complex questions

Quoqo NDA

Quoqo NDA offers a solution for creating, managing, and storing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) through an automated platform with built-in AI review.

Key features include:

  • Automated NDA Generation: Users can generate compliant NDAs in just a few clicks, streamlining the process and saving time​​.
  • Cloud Storage: All NDAs are safely stored in the cloud, ensuring easy access and security​​.
  • Customization and Branding: NDAs can be tailored to fit specific requirements and include company branding like logos and contact information​​​​.
  • Integrated Workflows: The platform automates notifications to stakeholders, ensuring efficient communication and management​​.
  • 24/7 Availability: All data and documents are accessible at any time due to cloud-based processing

Quoqo Contract Management

Quoqo's contract management platform is designed to optimize and streamline contract management processes for businesses.

Key features include:

  • End-to-End Automation: Quoqo's technology automates the entire commercial contract management process, from creation to negotiation, including built-in legal support globally. This eliminates the need for an in-house legal team for contract creation​
  • Comprehensive Platform:
    • Creation: Automates the creation of original contracts and templates
    • Editing and Collaboration: Features an integrated editing tool for contract modifications
    • Negotiation: Supports negotiations through an exclusive video conferencing and chat tool
    • Signing: Utilizes an integrated tool for creating electronic signatures
    • Management: Offers built-in document management, eliminating the need to search for contracts: Utilizes an integrated tool for creating electronic signatures

Quoqo Legacy

Quoqo Legacy enables efficient management and storage of legacy contracts through an AI-powered platform.

Key features include:

  • Secure Storage: Contracts are kept in an AI repository with built-in indexing, searching, extraction, and analytics features.
  • Automatic Data Extraction and Semantic Searches: Quoqo's AI extracts key clauses from contracts for quick insights.
  • Obligation Management: Custom notifications ensure critical contract dates and obligations are not missed.
  • Role-Based Access: Access to the repository and accounts is restricted based on user roles within an organization, enhancing security and control.
  • OCR enabled: With OCR enabled, Legacy has the ability to read both scans as well as readable documents
  • Integrations: Legacy is integrated with QCM, QSign and QNDA. Any completed document is automatically stored in Legacy

Quoqo Diligence

Your trusted partner for streamlined and efficient due diligence.

Key features include:

  • Automated Document Review: Say goodbye to manual document reviews. Our AI technology scans and analyzes documents swiftly and accurately, saving you time and reducing human error.
  • Risk Assessment: Quoqo Diligence provides a comprehensive risk-weighted report, allowing you to identify potential pitfalls and make informed decisions.
  • Custom Prompts: Quoqo Diligence allows you to create custom prompts and questions that align with your unique due diligence requirements. Tailor your review process to extract the specific information you need.
  • Role-Based Access: Access to the repository and accounts is restricted based on user roles within an organization, enhancing security and control.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate Quoqo Diligence with other Quoqo products to build a cohesive legal tech solution.


Q-Bot is a cutting-edge AI solution that is revolutionizing how enterprises access and utilize their data. By seamlessly integrating a semantic AI layer, Q-Bot makes complex legal and business information more accessible and actionable.

Key features include:

  • Semantic AI Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise data to enhance accessibility and allow natural language conversations with data.
  • Complex Question Handling: Capable of providing accurate responses to complex questions, enhancing user satisfaction and understanding.
  • Advanced AI Algorithms: Organizes and structures information, creating a semantic layer for improved data accessibility.
  • AI-Powered Analysis: Understands complex legal and business language to provide insightful responses to queries.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive platform that makes it easy for professionals to access insights and make data-driven decisions.

Quoqo M&A

Welcome to Quoqo M&A, where we redefine the future of mergers and acquisitions with cutting-edge AI technology. Our platform is tailored to simplify and optimize every aspect of the M&A journey.

Key features include:

  • AI-Powered Document Analysis: Quoqo M&A harnesses the capabilities of AI to comprehensively review and analyze transactional documents, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Customizable Review Criteria: Tailor your M&A review process with customizable criteria, adapting to the unique needs of each transaction.
  • Transaction Insights: Gain valuable insights into transactional documents with AI-driven risk assessments and recommendations.
  • Due Diligence Reports: Generate detailed due diligence reports summarizing key findings and potential risks identified during the review process.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure compliance with competition laws, takeover codes, IP regulations, stamp duty requirements, and more, all within the M&A context.

Quoqo Fusion

Introducing Quoqo Fusion, your all-in-one solution for seamless legal management. Say goodbye to fragmented workflows, and hello to a unified platform that empowers your legal team to work smarter and faster.

Create, Sign or Review: All Your Legal Solutions in One Place

With Quoqo Fusion you get:

  • Quoqo QSign: Elevate your document management with electronic signatures, Aadhaar integration, e-stamping, QR codes, MFA, and robust audit trails. Sign with confidence.
  • Quoqo NDA: Ensure document accuracy with AI-powered reviews.
  • Quoqo Diligence: AI-powered document and contract review, risk assessment, customizable criteria, real-time insights, and enhanced compliance. Uncover hidden risks effortlessly.
  • Quoqo Legacy: Secure repository with built-in obligation management. Save documents with a single touch and keep your legal matters organized.
  • LegiScribe: Our generative AI-powered editor with template support and Office 365 integration. Create and edit legal documents with ease.
  • QCM:Access 250+ legally vetted templates covering a wide variety of contracts for your business, all within the Fusion platform.
  • Quoqo Transactions (M&A): Simplify complex transactions with AI-powered document review, risk assessment, and more. Ensure your transactions are seamless, efficient and and secure.


Seamless Electronic and Digital Signatures

Key features include:

  • Electronic Signatures: Sign documents with ease using our advanced electronic signature technology.
  • Aadhaar Integration: Harness the power of Aadhaar integration for legally binding e-signatures.
  • E-Stamping: Ensure document legality with integrated e-stamping functionality.
  • AI equipped: Use Automagic or Presets to apply signatures and seals automatically across multiple documents
  • QR Code Functionality: Use our QR Code technology to sign from your mobile device!
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Elevate security with multi-factor authentication for signatories.
  • Audit Trail: Maintain a complete audit trail of all document activities for compliance and accountability.
  • Integration with Quoqo Suite: Seamlessly integrate with other Quoqo products like Quoqo Legacy.

Our Clients

At Quoqo, we are proud to serve a diverse range of international enterprise clients across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India, and Europe. While we value the trust and partnership of each of our clients, we understand the importance of maintaining their confidentiality.

Our client base spans multiple industries and sectors, including banking, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and more. We are committed to delivering innovative legal technology solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client, helping them streamline their legal processes, enhance compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these forward-thinking organizations, and we look forward to continuing our work together to drive legal innovation and efficiency in the global business landscape.

For inquiries about our client partnerships or to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your organization, please contact us.

Our Team

Ravi Rajagopal, Board Advisor

A seasoned strategist, Ravi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Quoqo's leadership. His insights and guidance steer us toward excellence.

Chetan Nagendra, Founder and CEO

With two decades of legal experience, Chetan is the driving force behind Quoqo. With a deep understanding of legal tech and a commitment to innovation, he's leading the charge toward a brighter future for legal professionals.

Guru's operational acumen is the bedrock of Quoqo's success. He oversees every aspect of our business, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest standards.

Our Extended Team

Beyond these core members, Quoqo boasts a diverse and dedicated team of professionals, each contributing their expertise to our mission of transforming the legal tech landscape.

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